World is Yours (영어 번역)

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World is Yours

I am
Living, somehow, it seems.
As my breath stops,
And my body desires oxygen
Those twinkling lights I lose
I want to see them, I don't want to see them
I don't know anymore, my right from left
I wander barefoot across the cold flooring
And pour the lukewarm tapwater into a cup
I drink deeply to keep living
To keep living there's got to be some sort of sacrifice
I have to live, I don't have the feeling I can keep living
In the first place, what does "living" even mean?
One part of life's necessities turns into One Pattern One Loop
If I think of a nightmare, its just a bad dream
Springing memory
Your voice, your words, the scenery I saw with you
Yes all of it, all of it I can recall this clearly
Now after so long, from this gaping hole
I seem to recall something like you being there
Sorry that "why", "why, and "what for?" are my favorite phrases
I snap awake from a fit of tears and drown in a question mark
Feeling the loneliness, I ran from reality
Busting through the heavy door, barely escaping alive
On the rugged concrete
And again above the ladder lottery of the telephone wires, I look up
In the darkness that no one had fallen asleep in
(genius p.j's)
Skipping the beginning, this is a turmoil of war that cannot see the choice and line between good and evil
As if the cost was one easy-going life
There are a lot of speakers chained to their rented ideologies
This exhausted today is also the opening act of someone's party
Standing on the bottom of the stairway that's the origin of enshrined guidance
It's getting the majority of those hues, that
Is a seemingly impossible mimesis
What do you want to see in your field of view?
What do you want to create?
Within the repetition of this daydream, I search for the meaning of life
Within the repetition of this daydream, I search for the meaning of life
Do you want to live? I want to die.
Do you want to die? I want to live
Within this maze, within this maze
(genius p.j's)
I leave town
You. To obtain that, people throw it away
The flickering flames repeat the scale bracelet catching on fire
The truth is that I now reject the unnecessary things
With red blood, waking up on a morning when nothing can be done
Even if you stay silent, every day's sun goes dark
I can still walk, I can still walk, visiting the time
Stepping on the waking night and from the white line crossing into tomorrow
My thoughts overflow, and so I can't entrust the paintings I paint to anyone else
Everyone is wounded and limping as they walk
Sorry, but I'm going ahead
But I return to and shoulder the way
Eventually, the cold and heat repeat and we grow older
And I'm wondering, when will I finally reach the end?
I feel uncomfortable about the things that change completely and those that don't
At the end it's that person who came here that I'm worried about
I purposefully live experiencing even the cruel things
Before we become emotionless we go on the path towards truth
Within the repetition of this daydream, I search for the meaning of life
Within the repetition of this daydream, I search for the meaning of life
Do you want to live? I want to die.
Do you want to die? I want to live
Within this maze
There is a meaning of life
I am living
(genius p.j's)
I lie
That in that compass I can see you
I stick my hand in the closing door, and now wait
I'm standing, the shaking in my legs has stopped
I leave
Every day, constantly concerned and downcast
The hope that remains in this palm of mine
The world that grants it keeps spinning
The love of the people is overpowering something
As for self against self, I delude myself
Once again, I listen closely
Emotion and consciousness both connected to that previous image
The trodden path reads that it wouldn't forget that person
The attachment that fills the void is the pressure that build that path
And now the loneliness disappears completely
Looking at its back, I find myself in that outlook
Humanity expressing life
The competition of uncertain things since long ago continues still today
TL Note: I hope this translation was helpful for you! If anyone ever sees any errors or has any suggestions about my translations, please let me know. -nmuth
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The last paragraph of the Japanese is not official lyrics, and was transcribed by myself and (mostly) beast-senior 810. So it might not be perfect.

No idea what that last word he says is supposed to mean so I omitted it

World is Yours

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영어 nmuth
Idioms from "World is Yours"
beast-senior 810beast-senior 810    月, 13/07/2015 - 00:27

Sorry for being imperfect. Sad smile

立っている 足の震えは止まっている

自分とは自分に対し自分を騙(かた)っている (I guess かたる means to deceive[騙る] not to talk about[語る], the pronunciation is same)
空白 埋める執着が道を組むんだ 重圧

で今??が如くさ(i don't know what it utterly says)
人間を生を表現するんだ (生 means either to live or one's life)
ドヴォーキン(?) (its sound reminds of skyrim, dovahkkin)

nmuthnmuth    月, 13/07/2015 - 18:30

うわああ, Thank you thank you thank you!
This has been one of my favorite songs for the last few weeks, でもその最後のわからなかった部分はくやしかったよ!たすかった!
I also thought of skyrim's dovahkin, but thought it must be wrong. Hahaha :bigsmile: