Yo me muero donde quiera (영어 번역)

영어 번역

I'll die wherever I please

In my land of Mexico
we die singing a song,
our shawls are cartridge belts,
from bullets to the roar of the cannon
the bugle that will play
the anthem of freedom.
Both women and men
bravely give their lives for their country,
Valentina and Jesuita1
fought but will never die,
and Adelina2 will die
fighting alongside her Juan.
Oh, I'll die wherever I please
on the battle lines,
I gamble my heart,
oh, I am a true woman.
If they try to obtain me3
I'll respond with bullets;
if they shout at me,
I will eliminate them from my path.
There in the trenches,
nowhere in particular there,
truly, I gamble
for my pavilion.
  • 1. both are ballads and names for "soldaderas" (female soldiers).
  • 2. Adelita
  • 3. for a wife or girlfriend
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Yo me muero donde quiera

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