Kukushka (Кукушка) (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertalingEngels


(1) How many tunes are there left to play?
Tell me, songbird (cuckoo), sing out.
Where should I go, where should I stay?
Will I falter or rise to the stars?
Which way?
Look down on me, Sun, and see
That my hand has become a fist.
And if there’s a fuze, then give me fire.
Who will follow on this lonely trail?
The strong and brave lie in the fields.
All killed.
But some are left to countervail;
Adamant like hardened steel
Like steel.
Where are you now, my precious freedom?
Who joins you to greet the sunrise?
While I
Have fallen under a leash
From freedom sweet to bitter defeat
Be free.
Be free.
Toegevoed door Orfus SevenOrfus Seven op Vrij, 11/01/2019 - 23:40
Comments van auteur:

This is an attempt to translate to a song that can be sung in English, and which will be acceptable to people used to speaking that language.

Kukushka (Кукушка)

SaintMarkSaintMark    Zat, 12/01/2019 - 00:16

singeable TL are always worth the effort.. a song without a singeable TL is like a beautiful airplane in a hangar.