Ой, там у саду (Engels vertaling)


Ой, там у саду

Ой, там у саду, під яблунькою
Там сидів голуб з голубонькою. x2
Вони сиділи, поривалися,
Сизими крильми, обнімалися. x2
Де взявся стрілець, добрий молодець?
Розбив, розлучив пару голубів. x2
Він голуба вбив, голубку вловив,
Узяв підпалу, поніс до дому. x2
Поніс до дому, пустив до долу,
Насипав пшонця аж по колінця. x2
Голубка не їсть, голубка не п'є,
А в сад-виноград все плакать іде. x3
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Engels vertaling

Oh, There in the Garden

Oh, there in the garden, under the apple tree
There was a dove with her dear dove. x2
They were sitting there, bustling,
With their grey wings, embracing. x2
Where did the shooter come from, a good fellow?
Has broken, has separated the pair of doves. x2
He killed the male dove, caught the female,
He took his rifle and carried her to his home. x2
Went to his house, let her go there,
Poured out some grain, up to her knee. x2
The dove does not eat, the dove does not drink,
And to the vineyard, goes out always to weep. x3
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