一個人 (Alone) (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)
  • Nummer: 一個人 (Alone)
  • Vertalingen: Engels

一個人 (Alone)

晴天陰天 今天又是星期天
出門或不出門 沒差別
一個人 到底應該睡右邊或左邊
兩個人 每一次爭吵都值得紀念
一個人 偶爾感到寂寞在所難免
你的氣味 還留在枕頭邊
一個人 我重新適應一切不方便
兩個人 不一定就成全一個世界
一個人 關燈看見記憶的橫切面
沒有光線 過去那些情節 更明顯
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Getting rid of our photos from my wallet
Moving the sofa to another side of the living room again
You can smoke more cigarettes after dinner
Nobody will complain anymore
Rain or shine, today is Sunday again
My only plan is to get up later
I have no idea how to kill time anyway
Whether going out or not There is no difference
Being alone Should I sleep on the right side or the left side?
Two people Each quarrels are worthy to be memorized
Being alone It's unavoidable to feel lonely sometimes
Your smell is still left on the pillow
Being alone I have to adjust the inconvenience all over again
Two people may not build a world
Being alone Turning off the light and seeing the cross section of memory
Without light, the plots in the past is more obvious
More obvious
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