Certe cose non cambiano (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Zero Assoluto
  • Nummer: Certe cose non cambiano 3 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Bosnisch, Engels, Spaans
Engels vertalingEngels

Certain things don't change

I'm staying here, and only the truth
couldn't hide the reality
Then no need to say that certain things don't change
Distances do not count, the days are going off
One doesn't forget, the city
Where the things don't change, and the books are telling
The stories that are passing
Here, here, here, where you live
And the memory I have, about the things that are staying
Here, here, where you live
And the memory I have about the things that are staying
Things that are staying
My photos that are talking
And moments that live
Lighter during the days, up to almost confuse the dreams
Passions that are calling
As the streets that are bringing
E il ricordo che ho, di quelle cose che restano
Tutto quello che ho, sono le cose che restano
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Certe cose non cambiano

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