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La calunnia è un venticello
un’auretta assai gentile
che insensibile, sottile,
leggermente, dolcemente,
incomincia a sussurrar.
Piano piano, terra terra,
sotto voce, sibilando,
va scorrendo, va ronzando;
nelle orecchie della gente
s’introduce destramente,
e le teste ed i cervelli
fa stordire e fa gonfiar.
Dalla bocca fuori uscendo,
lo schiamazzo va crescendo:
prende forza a poco a poco,
vola già di loco in loco.
Sembra il tuono, la tempesta
che nel sen della foresta,
va fischiando, brontolando,
e ti fa d’orror gelar.
Alla fin trabocca e scoppia,
si propaga, si raddoppia
e produce un’esplosione
come un colpo di cannone,
un tremuoto, un temporale,
[un tumulto generale]
che fa l’aria rimbombar.
E il meschino calunniato,
avvilito, calpestato,
sotto il pubblico flagello
per gran sorte va a crepar.


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annabellannaannabellanna    Do, 21/01/2016 - 17:21

Hi everyone! May I add a video? This one is an interesting exerpt from an old movie, with an excellent singer, but the quality is quite poor, and the song is not complete.
Take a look to these one:

annabellannaannabellanna    Do, 09/04/2020 - 17:35

Thanks, I'll add him soon. I see you pay much attention to the authors of the texts, and I agree.
But I know that sometimes is too much even to expect that an "aria" be added with the name of the authors, and not that the same text be repeated many times, each times under the name of a different singer.
I choose to add opera arias under the musician, adding the name of the author of the text(sometimes I forgot to do it ...), because, in my opinion it would be enough that people would know at least the composer. It would be too much to expect that people knew Romani, Targioni-Tozzetti, Piave, Boito, Halevy and Meillac, Sterbini, Giacosa, Illica or cardinal Pamphili, unfortunately.

PaotrLaouenPaotrLaouen    Do, 09/04/2020 - 17:53

Indeed. However this site is devoted to lyrics, as implied by its name itself. I think therefore that librettist should be mention in every case. It is a pity that the input frame provided does not offer this possibility. It is true,of course, that music editors are awfully negligent with that. However librettists are usually the first information you come across when you take a look at Wikipedia (or other tools).