Kif (Κιφ) (Engels vertaling)

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No guard was at the borders I crossed
only a few thristy falcons
anchored on my knees asking of me some water
but how could I satisfy the poor ones
I was found in a city I've been looking for, for so long
through my dream's map, the hidden one
I'm about to grope it, I 'm rushing to enjoy it
but she's going past me, with an alien look
At the market, vehicles carried by animals and exotic birds
and callers that cry for llife-belts
I bought one, for each one of two bare children
and they, cowered, answer me:
"The efforts made us age early in this world
and if you so badly want to make a concession
give us a little bit of green Keef from Morocco (keef = drug
and History will pay you off"
At the park, a skint was dinning me
that you were a pack of cards, marked
the playing cards were scattered to the four winds
where shall I look for you, my poor country
Over my shoulder, I grip my saddle-bag, coming back to all of you
fire, water, wind of mine and ground
the dreams won't be put up for auction
our round is not played yet.
Toegevoed door Gast op Vrij, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Kif (Κιφ)

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