لبنان (Lebanon) (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Dalida (Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti‎)
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لبنان (Lebanon)

بعد الحرب والنار
من بعد ها اللى صار
عاد الصفا لبنان
عاد الوفا لبنان
شمس وقمر لبنان
لبنان بها الكون
فيه السهر واللون
والحب والمنال
منو متل لبنان
شو صار مهما يصير
قلبه كبير اكبير
بسمة حنى لبنان
بيروت يابيروت
يا كنز من ياقوت
بيوتك اعز بيوت
لسهراتك اشتاقنا
لبسماتك اشتاقنا
واسمك يا وليالى
على بالي على بالي
لبنان عاد وعيد
احلى مواعيد
لبنان عاد وعيد
والناس ايد بإيد
وعيون سهرانه
واهات واغنانى
والوان هيليانى
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after the war and the fire
after what happened to me
lebanon the land of purity
lebanon the land of loyalty
my sun and moon is lebanon
lebanon is the joy of this universe
it(lebanon) has the magic and the colors in it
and love in it's beautiful nature
will not be like lebanon
what ever happens
even the older-person) even got more old
lebanon is the smile of goodness
beirut ohh beirut
a tresure of precious jewels
beirut ohh beirut
your homes are the most respected......she means that the people of beirut are the best
we missed youe sabbor....sabbor pronounced as it written is an arabian type nof fruite
we missed your smiles
and also the nights and staying awake in them
its in my mind always
lebanon has a festival
i dream....... sorry i cant translate the other part
and the people holding their hands together
and eyes can sleep
and ahat and songs.....ahat means when you say ooh or ooof something like that
and cold breezes and beautiful colors
in my mind in my mind
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