Radiohead - High And Dry

  • Artiest: Radiohead
  • Nummer: High And Dry
  • Album: The Bends
  • Vertalingen: Duits, Frans, Kroatisch, Nederlands, Servisch, Spaans #1, #2, Turks
  • Verzoeken: Hongaars

High And Dry

Two jumps in a week
I bet you think that's pretty clever, don't you boy
Flying on your motorcycle
Watching all the ground beneath you drop
You'd kill yourself for recognition
Kill yourself to never ever stop
You broke another mirror
You turning into something you are not
Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry
Drying up in conversation
You will be the one who cannot talk
All your insides fall to pieces
You just sit there wishing you could still make love
They're the ones who'll hate you
When you think you've got the world all sussed out
They're the ones who'll spit at you
You will be the one screaming out
Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry
It's the best thing that you ever had
The best thing you have had is gone away
Don't leave me high, don't leave me dry
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