Tu y yo (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Toby Love (Octavio Rivera)
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You and I

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today there is nothing private/secret*
without knowing destiny
this (referring to destiny) I do not know
and the lack of motivation grows
when you're next to me..I feel
that every moment/second is everlasting
and you take me to the most profound/deepest
of this passion
that entraps & tempts us both
you and I
lost in the night
you and I
lost in the night
if by my side you were to be
walking down the sidewalk
let the night erase the pain & sorrow
while I caress you everywhere
the bed (lit.sheets) is waiting
let me hear my name
while I make love to you
I have more than enough desire to be with you
for the two of us to explore each inch/centimeter of this room
you're the reason my heart beats
and that my mind runs 1,000 times per hour
if we're by ourselves, her and I
we give each other a shot of love
and you and I lost in the night
repeat, see above
Eres la razon de que palpita mi corazon
y que fluya mi mente a mil por hora
tu y yo perdidos en la noche...
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Tu y yo

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