Ça paska (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Soni Malaj
  • Nummer: Ça paska
  • Vertalingen: Engels

Ça paska

Dal vet, sdal vet me ty nuk dal vet
ndalu ndalem cfare ka ky djale them
ta degjoj ta degjoj nga tyy, se mezi mer fryme
sdua une ta them pergjigjen ta kem
mua m'pelqen cfare ke nuk ta them
pres me shume nga ty por ti mezi mer fryme
ca paska nje fjale ska, ne zig zag jemi te dy
se di ca paske se di pse fjale ske
pse kaq me turp je, tani qe ne zig zag ne jemi te dy
hallaktesh sorollatesh me kot
mundohesh te mer fryme por nuk mer fryme dot
fyyyy so se ke esell
lere fare shifemi neser
ti ngacmon ti prape tenton ti prape ndalon
prape ngatron prape njofton pse me vone ti cfare kujton se jam STOP
mbaj frymen merr fryme dy here mbaj frymen
mos u lodh kot te harxhosh frymen
behu pak i zgjuar cun i dashuruar
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Zig zag / Up and down / On and off

I go out alone, i don't go out alone, i don't go out with you alone
you pause, i pause whats up with this guy i say (to myself)
to hear, to hear it from you, 'cuz you can hardly breathe
i don't want to say it, if i have the answer
i like you, whatever your problem is i won't tell
i'm waiting for more from you but you are hardly breathing (mezi mer frym: your slow or somethings bothering you)
what is their, there isn't a word, were both zig zag (all over the place)
i don't know what is up with you (lit. ca paske means what you have) I don't know why you don't say a word
why are you so shy now that were both in a zig zag situation
u toss and turn for nothing
you struggle to catch your breath, but you can't find any air to breath
breath for this
leave it all, we'll see eachother tomorrow
you bug me, you try but then you pause (give up)
again you make things complicated, again you announce things but why is it that later you remember what to say to me, becuase i am stop? (maybe this part is incorrect)
hold your breath, take a breath twice, and hold your breath
don't waste your energy for nothing, you'll waste your breath
wake up boy that i love/like
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