Airmate - Wild Oak Tree


Wild Oak Tree

She used to stand right there
Beside a wild oak tree
I was so well prepared
When she left to be
There’s nothing I won’t try
To be where she’s adjourned
So now that I earn her return
And the leaves fall
From the wild oak tree
(Come put me back together)
And they keep falling down
Just like me
(Don’t let me fall forever)
Cos when you left me baby
(You took my destiny)
(Come put me back together)
When the leaves fall
From the wild oak tree
(Don’t let me fall forever)
Range of hits heaven
Falling leaves
Another day is gone
And there’s no relief
I still hope to find
The missing link
This empty space that time
Won’t extinct
Chorus x 2
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Submitter's comments:

Don't know what 'range of hits heaven' means but that's what it sounds like.

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