Ana Msafer | أنا مسافر (Engels vertaling)


Ana Msafer | أنا مسافر

أنا مسافر يا إمّي ودّعيني
إنقليني وبحنانك اه زوّديني
ولك بعطف الام تترضّي عليي
وإذا بهجري جرحتك
سامحيني آخ يا إمّي
انا عرفان دمعاتك سخيّه
لك لا تبكي يا حنونه بتجرحيني
يا إمي بعود وصّيكي وصيّه
للأصحاب ردّيلي تحيّه
وعن الجيران تبقي طمّنيني
يا إمي عهاك المصطبه لا تنطريني
لك قبل النوم تبقي من عشيّه
صلّي المسبحه وفيها اذكريني
اه يا إمّي
كل ما تسألك عنّي صبيّه
إبنك وين؟
عنوانه عطيني
قليلا راح سافر يا بنّيتي
ما بعرف وين حملته السفينه
بعد ما غاب طيفه عالي
أتاني بصوت بيهز السفينه
ما كنت تركت ضيعتنا يا بيي
ولو إنك مانك مصدّق يميني
بكرا بطل يا إمي عا حيي
ويا إختي بشاهدك وتشاهديني
وكرامة عينك وراية وطنّا
أنا راجع يا إمي
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Engels vertaling

I am Traveling

Versions: #1#2#3
I am traveling away, dear mother, bid farewell to me
Take me away and provide me with your tenderness
And with a motherly kindness be happy with me
And if I hurt you by abandoning you
Oh, please forgive me, mother
I know your tears flow so much
Oh, please don't cry my tender mother, you hurt me...
Oh mother, I ask one thing of you
Please send my regards to my friends
And tell me the news of our neighbors every now and then
Oh mother, don't sit waiting for me on this threshold...
And before you go to sleep, in the evening
pray to God with a rosary and remember me in your prayers
Oh, mother
Whenever a girl asks you about me and says:
"Where is your sun?
Give me his address"
Tell her: Oh my daughter, he traveled away
I don't know where the ship has carried him away
And after his spirit has left me
A loud voice came to me and shook the ship
Oh father, I wouldn't have left our homestead [if I could]
It's true even if you don't believe this thing that I swear..
Tomorrow1 I will check up on my neighborhood, oh mother
And I will see you, oh sister, and you will see me
And for the sake of your eyes and the flag of our homeland
I am coming back, oh mother..
Wait for me...
  • 1. Tomorrow is sometimes in Arabic not very literal, it means 'in the future'
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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