Annette Moreno - Complicated

  • Artiest: Annette Moreno
  • Album: Un Ángel Llora EP (2007) [Unofficial]
  • Vertalingen: Duits, Frans, Grieks, Indonesisch, Italiaans, Portugees, Servisch, Spaans


I can decide if I want to be
Lying in the deepest part of the sea
I can decide if I want to die
Thinking of the wrong that could have been right
Even if my fears tear me apart
My good intentions help me carry on
Even though I'm making it through my mistakes
I don't want to bring pain to nobody else
I see the surface from the bottom of the sea
I'm fighting to break through just trying to breathe
The waves of disillusion are there drowning me
I'd rather find myself there if I'm not gonna win
It's too complicated
I speak with the bitterness of my heart
I've lost the will to fight for what is right
Your hands may be, yeah, what I am
And now I feel like you've forgotten who I am
How can I revive what I once knew
The hole buried deep inside my soul
I know it's in your heart to give my peace
I ask for your compassion found only in you
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Hope this is right.

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Grampa Wild WillyGrampa Wild Willy    Woe, 14/01/2015 - 17:20

Some minor corrections:

my good intentions help me to carry on > . . . help me carry on
She doesn't sing "to," not that it makes the slightest difference in the meaning.

abiding to break through > I'm fighting to . . .
Maybe. She's better at pronouncing her words than some I've heard here lately but still, I'm not 100% certain of this. It certainly makes sense the way I'm suggesting.

the waves of disolutions > disillusion
Another one I'm not sure of.

the whole buried deep inside my soul > the hole
This one is a real stretch. I'm interpreting now. The words are homynyms so it's not a question of what you heard.

I would mark the middle verse with:
And then I would put this at the end:
[Chorus x2]

I am about to do a translation into French and I am going to base it on my changes.