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Arctic Ocean

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So we built an ark, it would be great
A hundred acres of wood and marble
The animals entered two by two
And then we went away
You and me, we represent humanity
We should carry on the species
I had chosen you well, you were fertile, had high-class DNA and cheekbones
Crossing the river and out to the Barents Sea
Arctic Ocean, and then we gave up
We started over
They can stay there and kill each other
It would have been too dark there for our little ones
They will regret it when they see us
Healthy on lush ground and alive again
And we rested and it was time to get in bed
Marvin Gaye on repeat until everyone was pregnant
Spread spores by hand and wait for the growth
Crossing the river and out to the Barents Sea
Arctic Ocean, you wanted to get off
but I said: darling, what we do is more than just you and me
Drink coffee on frozen ice
Cracked beneath the sled and the sun standing high
If this doesn’t remain I don’t know what I’d do
Panic hit me clearly in the light
Think it was easier to push it away in the everyday noise
How everything will disappear
How I walk around and pour a glass of water as everything is already burning
Shoot me which downer:
Live in a dystopia
They watch a sci-fi
On the screen is what we were
This will not be played on your radio
Or on your dance floor
The air is clean when we wake up
The kids are small, but they will grow up
When we die will they carry on our words
Imagine if we were going to put up a statue
With our names, build high-rises
It doesn’t matter if any if any little species dies out
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Arktiska Oceanen

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