Banda Black Rio - Back to the Project

  • Artiest: Banda Black Rio
  • Gastmuzikant: Flame killer
  • Album: Super Nova Samba Funk
Engels, Portugees

Back to the Project

A lot of people struggling and make a holdin' on by the skin of they tooth
I'm living proof, let me tell you the truth
Ain't nobody bullet-proof, head shots just fatal
Growing up in the navel of the beast, guns spraying
Nothing seems to have made me, especially in the 80's
That's when crack-cocaine went crazy, I was a part of the struggle
Like a starter kid,
My revolver spit, Fuck!
About solving that that used to be the way
Even fist fight let it slide or pop the heat,
Ain't nobody stopping me (Nobody!)
My Philosophy, Over-achieving is seen through fresh properly
It's something like photography,
Take a picture cuz this might be the last time
You see a g nigga cross state lines,
Daily that won't be complete
Till I touch every country in my zone Overseas
How we do this for ease, Detect the [?]
So-So many keys,That they retire free
On my mark, Nigga !
I came up broke in the ghetto, with slim hopes
[?] have holes all hand-me-down clothes
Mama on dope, Papa selling coke,
Aunt on the stroll, shit I watched as I grew
Men make the rules that the hustlers knew,
Bend all the rules like the hustlers do
Age 10 and they found rocks in my shoe,
Got my ass whipped then locked in my room
I know they always got something to prove like:
"Where the fuck were you at? What the fuck you moving?"
Infatuated with fat cat's life, Back was my uncle..... [?]
Black legs if you don't know how to act right, colt .45 the color of graphite (nice)
South side fighters still [?] With right behind us, but I ain't even cry yet
A whole different mindset, Queens, New York, Brazil back to the projects
Wish we could change climates
[?] The pump, standing on the cusp
Sorta like my niggas from [?] The Bronx
Kids in the slum, killer crackheads and bones1
Gangster to gangster worldwide is where we from,
We number one!
  • 1. slang term for weed, i think
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This was a f****king hard song to transcribe, and I still wasn't able to transcribe all of it 😡

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Zarina01Zarina01    Ma, 02/09/2019 - 21:56

If anyone can transcribe the portuguese part of this song that would be greatly appreciated