薔薇のグラス (Bara no Gurasu) (Engels vertaling)


雨 窓越し 景色は古いムービー
雨 かすれた ウィスパー
夜 あなたを 待つのはやめたはずね
もう かすれた メモリー
カットグラスを 窓へ差し出し
雨のしずく 飲み干す
たわむれ あなたの仕草 まねて
恋 肩越し つきぬけうずき出す
秋 皮肉な 季節
肌 なしんだ
もう 言わぬが花ね
カットグラスに 窓辺の薔薇を
浮かべながら 揺らして
花びらのリキュール 赤く染めて
薔薇のトゲが 小さな傷を
あなたの指 かすめた
不吉な 予感したの
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The rose's glass

Rain, watching through the window, the scenery is an old movie
Rain, a hoarse whisper
Night, I should probably stop waiting for you
Those already blurred memories
I'll send the cut glass through the window
I'll drink up the raindrops
A joke, and I'll copy your performance
Love, from over your shoulder, it'll break through and start to throb
Fall, it's an ironic season
My skin, I've grown to used to it
Your painful aroma
The things I don't say like a flower
On the cut glass, the rose's of the window ledge
Swaying as they float
The petal liqueur dyed red
The small cut of a rose
Grazes your finger so
From that day
I made an ominous prediction
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hope you enjoy!
may include a slight bit of artistic liberty for better flow, but most of the time I stick to the pretty much literal translation
please credit me if using for non-private use thanks!

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