Baseline Raver (Spaans vertaling)

  • Artiest: Kimberley Michelle Barr
  • Nummer: Baseline Raver 16 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Albanees, Arabisch, Duits, Frans, Japans, Maleis, Pools, Portugees, Roemeens, Russisch, Servisch, Slovaaks, Spaans #1, #2, Swahili, Urdu
  • Verzoeken: Chinees, Thais, Zweeds

Baseline Raver

People ask me when I'll go to bed,
Not ever gonna stop,
Not ever 'till I'm dead,
I'm not hungry for the bread,
I'm just hungry for the knowledge,
Cos knowledge is wisdom,
So are you gonna listen (look)
I'm not gonna be a slave to the system,
I'm just gonna take a rave on a system,
Maybe its time that we save our system,
Maybe it's time that we do something different ( n me I'm just a baseline raver)
Don't need weed, speed, heroin,
Don't need E, coke, Ketamine,
Never mind if that sounded like dizzies,
It doesn't matter, pass the fizzy
Did I say fizzy (oops) I meant water,
That's what you should be drinking you ought to (and me I'm just a baseline raver)
Don't wear Nike, that promotes slave labor - (me I'm just a baseline raver)
An' I'm cheesy - packet of quavers
Never mind "you should have gone Specsavers",
Never mind that - I like to dance on tables,
And me I'm just a baseline raver
Yeah I'm just a baseline raver
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Jarenera por naruraleza

Versions: #1#2
La gente me pregunta cuando dormiere',
Nunca parare',
No hasta que me muera,
No necesisto pan para saciar mi hambre,
Quiero saciarme de conocimeiento,
Porque el conocimiento es saber,
Asi' que escu'chame bien (mira)
No sere' un esclavo del sistema
Revolicionare' el sistema,
Quiza's es hora de que hagamos algo,
disinto (y yo, solo soy jaranera por natureleza)
No necesisto hierba, speed, herol'na,
No E, coca, ketamina,
No mr importa si parecen tonteri'as,
No importa, pasa la copa,
?Dije la copa ? (ups), quice decir agua,
Eso es lo que deberias de beber, como tiene que ser
(y yo solo soy jaranera por naturaleza)
No visto Nike, fomenta el trabajo esclavo
(y yo solo soy jaranera por naturaleza)
Soy feliz con una de Quavers
No me importa el resto - Me encanta
bailar encima de la mesa
solo soy jaranera por naturaleza
Sl' solo soy jaranera por naturaleza.
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Comments van auteur:

If anyone is able to translate any lyric of mine I would be very grateful. Regular smile

Dora VysotskayaDora Vysotskaya    Di, 17/09/2019 - 14:47

Please correct it that's not a translation. Spanish language its beautiful and it deserves respect!

Kimmy23Kimmy23    Di, 17/09/2019 - 14:55

Hi Regular smile My apologies if I have offended.

She gave me it in a format where I can not copy and paste. With my keyboard this is all I could do because there are no special charecters.
I revised this persons university dissertation and in exchange she translated the lyric to Spanish. I do hope it is only the charecters and not the words which are incorrect.

I do not know how to corect it, and I did not translate it myself. Please, if I request a proofread might it be possible to help me?

Kimmy23Kimmy23    Di, 17/09/2019 - 16:21

I am unfortunatley not. I am simply looking for help with texts and pronunciation of my lyrics into many languages. I am a single parent, student science teacher, writer, cleaner and singer, I haven't the time yet to study the other languages in detail until I graduate and have made all the lessons that I need to teach. I have not studied Spanish in a while (ten years) and I only have a basic level. I love to learn to sing in all other languages. This is my dream.