請享用 | Qǐng xiǎngyòng [Be out guest] (Taiwanese) (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Beauty and the Beast (OST)
  • Gastmuzikant: Jiāng Xiān-Chéng, Cuī Guó-Fū
  • Nummer: 請享用 | Qǐng xiǎngyòng [Be out guest] (Taiwanese)
  • Vertalingen: Engels

請享用 | Qǐng xiǎngyòng [Be out guest] (Taiwanese)

現在請先上座 放鬆心情
請享用 小貴客 我們可愛的貴客
請把餐巾先圍好 讓我們來為你服務
熱的湯先上口 再請嘗些小西點
它的味道既甜又美 不要懷疑 去問餐具
它們能唱,它們能跳 中國人是最好客
首先請打開菜單 選出你所想要,
請享用 小貴客,請享用
烤小排、起司烘蛋 派和布丁是甜點
所有美食呈現給你 唯有貴客才擁有
你孤單、你驚慌 我們會給你溫暖
當你看到銀器飛舞 你將忘掉所有煩惱
說笑話,耍特技 大家一起陪伴你
你可放心大膽 儘管去享用
希望你接受我們 做我們的貴客,
請享用 別煩惱 盡情享受這晚餐
歡笑離你遠去 忽然人們不需要你
十年盼望等待 得到的只有那塵埃
鬆懈偷懶肥胖 是你燃起我們活力
小貴客,你出現 帶來生氣和歡笑
酒已斟滿感謝天 叫我早把桌巾燙平
吃甜點,配熱茶 親愛的這樣最美
當小茶杯開心地扭動 不停飛舞心情開朗
水快開 讓蒸氣快把我身上污點
洗乾淨 我們要給她好印象
你想要加多少?是一勺或兩勺 熱誠歡迎
請享用, 小貴客!, 小貴客!
請享用, 小貴客, 這一切都只為你
在這十年我們沒有任何人 到這裡來
這佳餚和美食 是全都為你準備
當那燭光閃耀發亮 我們歌聲絕不會停
為你歌 為你唱 直到你 說我飽了
今晚有我們陪伴 但你要先吃飽
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Be Our Guest

I'm so pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you
Please be seated, relaxed
And enjoy your dinner that is specially prepared by our restaurant
Please enjoy, my customer, my lovely customer
Please tie your table napkin, and get ready to be served by us
Try our warm soup, and try our delicate western deserts
They are sweet and good-looking, don't hesitate and just ask the utensils for this
They can sing, they can dance, Chinese are the most hospitable people
Feel free to come here if you want to get a meal
Please read the menu, and choose what you want
Please enjoy, my little guest, please enjoy
Grilled small meat rows, cheese and egg, pie and pudding as deserts
All food are well-served and no one but you deserves
When you are lonely, when you are frightened, we will give you warmth
When you watch all these iron utensils dancing, you will forget every trouble things
Talk jokes, juggles, everyone will accompany you
You can be confident and courageous to serve as you like
Please accept us, and be our guest
Please enjoy, don't get annoyed, enjoy this dinner
Please enjoy, my little guest, please enjoy
Laughter are leaving you, and suddenly it seems nobody needs you
Forgotten by the world
Ah, those happier times
Have just gone disappear in the instant
Ten years we've waited, and nothing but dust we've gain in return
We just hope to get chance to revitalize us
Lonely and bored, wandering in the castle
Relaxed and lazy and fatty, is what fueled me
Little guest, your appearance has bring us signs of life and joy
Our cup of wine has overflew, and the tablecloths has been cleaned
Serve the deserts with hot tea, my darling, this is wonderful
When small tea pot starts dancing and shaking his body, that brings happy and joy
The water is about to boil, steam please help me to clean my dirt
Clean it thoroughtly, and we are going to impress her
How many do you want to add? Just one spoon or two spoons? You're welcome
Please enjoy, my little guest, my little guest!
Please enjoy, my little guest, this is all about you
For ten years we have not been welcoming anyone here
These dishes and food are entirely well-prepared for you
When that candle lights start lightening us up, our soungs will never ends
Sing for you, praise for you, until you say, I'm full
We will send you into bed with our songs
We will be on your side tonight, but you must get full
Please enjoy
Please enjoy
My little guest
Please enjoy now
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