Lyube - Berezy (Берёзы) (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling


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Why do birches in Russia sounds so beautiful?
Why do they, white-trunked, understand everything?
They stay near to roads and wind
And drop their leaves sadly
I'll walk on a road, I'm glad to space
Maybe it's everything that I know in the world
Why do leaves fly down so sadly
And caress my soul under my shirt?
My heart is hot
And again it feels no answer
And a leaf of a birch fell on my shoulder
It dropped from a branch like I did
"My dear, let sit down for good road*
You should understand that I'll come back, don't be sad, do not" -
And my old mother will wave me goodbye
And close gates
Why do birches in Russia sound so beautiful?
Why does harmonic is played so food?
Fingers can press all keys fast in one moment like wind
But last one is wrong...
Toegevoed door Anirona op Zon, 20/05/2012 - 12:48
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Berezy (Берёзы)