Buongiorno papà (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Fabrizio Moro
  • Nummer: Buongiorno papà 4 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Engels, Grieks, Portugees, Spaans
Engels vertalingEngels

Good morning dad

With my heart I live, with my eyes I express myself
With my mouth I tell a story
On the paper I write, with the sun I wake up
With the memories I feed my memory
With the pain I grow up, with the keys I open
On the road I get lost, with the silence I weary
With her I get emotional.
In the bed I sleep, with my hands I work
With my nose I breathe the smell
In the tears I eat, with the senses I see
With the steps I make a noise
It is certain that you know this
Even though you never asked me.
Good morning dad
Good morning dad
With the large market clothes that are always large
And in your eyes the happiness.
With the guitar I think, with my head I play
With the passing of time I try to understand
With the wine I protect myself, with the feet I move
And sometimes I can't sleep
It is certain I've never told you.
Good morning dad
Good morning dad
With your square meters that you have to finish
While your age goes by.
Ah, the illegal hut in 1981
While you dreamed of clocking in forever
Your Alfa Romeo car and your ticket as your only distraction
And your hands that were dirty of garage grease.
Your never started passions
No book no film no song
A penny to put in bank at the end of the month
To realize, to realize,
To find fulfillment in this way.
Good morning dad
That you hold my hand
outside the toyshop that now
Who knows where it is?
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Buongiorno papà

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