Farewell Angelina - Cover Versions and Adaptations

Door SaintMark aangemaakt op 28 okt 2020

Song language:  Engels

Artiest:  Bob Dylan

Vertalingen:  KroatischFinsFransDuits   5 more

Song language:  Frans

Artiest:  Nana Mouskouri

Vertaling:  Engels

Song language:  Duits

Artiest:  Nana Mouskouri

Song language:  Italiaans

Artiest:  Bobby Solo

Vertaling:  Frans

Song language:  Spaans

Artiest:  Los Payos

Vertalingen:  FransItaliaans

Song language:  Zweeds

Artiest:  Per Gessle

Song language:  Zweeds

Artiest:  Mikael Wiehe

SaintMarkSaintMark    Woe, 28/10/2020 - 16:42

i had a hebrew version of this sung on my youtube channel. then youtube started going crazy on copyright and i pulled my entire channel. cause everytime I uploaded anything it would just go apeshit. so much for copyright.