Laura Pausini - Io Canto (2006) [Tracklist]

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Laura Pausini - Io Canto (2006) [Tracklist]

"Io Canto" is the ninth studio album by Laura Pausini. This album has a Spanish edition named "Yo Canto".

Released: Nov 10, 2006
Genre: Pop rock
💿 Format: CD, Digital Download

▪ Laura Pausini chronology:
Live in Paris 05 (2005) ← Io Canto (2006) → Yo Canto (2006)

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📹 Official video

📹 Official video

Feat. Tiziano Ferro.
📹 Official video

French edition bonus track
📹 Official video

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iTunes pre-order edition bonus tracks

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Solo Version (iTunes pre-order edition bonus tracks):

Solo Version (iTunes pre-order edition bonus tracks)

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iTunes pre-order edition bonus tracks:

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