Number One Hits in France (1991)

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Number One Hits in France (1991)

This collection lists the singles ranked number one in record sales in France by the Syndicat national de l'édition phonographique for the year 1991.

22th December 1990 - 12th January

Vertalingen:  Roemeens

12th January - 26th January

Vertalingen:  Lets

26th January - 2th Marsh

Vertalingen:  Engels Turks Duits 8 more
Nummer | Engels Scorpions

2th Marsh - 20th April

Vertalingen:  Grieks Servisch Duits 20 more

20th April - 22th June

Vertalingen:  Engels Duits Spaans 14 more

22th June - 13th July

13th July - 20th July

20th July - 27th July

27th July - 5th October

5th October - 30th November

Vertalingen:  Servisch Grieks Turks 25 more

30th November - 28th December