Number One Hits in France (1996)

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Number One Hits in France (1996)

This collection lists the singles ranked number one in record sales in France by the Syndicat national de l'édition phonographique for the year 1996.

Nummer | Engels Coolio

25th October 1995 - 17th February

17th February - 24th February

Vertalingen:  Engels
Nummer | Engels Coolio

24th February - 2th Marsh

2th Marsh - 9th Marsh

Vertalingen:  Frans
Nummer | Frans Boris

9th Marsh - 16th Marsh

8th June - 6th July

Vertalingen:  Engels Grieks Duits 7 more

6th July - 27th July

27th July - 17th August

Vertalingen:  Engels Grieks Duits 7 more
Nummer | Engels Fugees

17th August - 21th September

21th September - 12th October

Vertalingen:  Servisch Duits Grieks 13 more
Nummer | Frans Khaled

12th October - 19th October

Vertalingen:  Engels Turks Arabisch 19 more
Nummer | Engels Gala

19th October - 28th December

Vertalingen:  Servisch Duits Grieks 4 more