Number One Hits in Germany (2007)

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Number One Hits in Germany (2007)

The official German single charts were introduced in December 1953. This list includes all no. 1 hits from the year 2007.

9th February - 15th February

Vertalingen:  Engels Italiaans Grieks 7 more

16th February - 22nd February

Vertalingen:  Engels Turks Pools
Nummer | Duits Höhner

23rd February - 1st March

Nummer | Duits Nik P.

2nd March - 3rd May

11th May - 24th May

Vertalingen:  Engels Spaans
Nummer | Engels Beyoncé

4th May - 10th May

25th May - 7th June

Nummer | Engels Rihanna

8th June - 12th July

13th July - 19th July

27th July - 16th August

Nummer | Engels Monrose

20th July - 26th July

Vertalingen:  Duits Turks
Nummer | Duits Azad

17th August - 23rd August

Vertalingen:  Engels

24th August - 4th October

Vertalingen:  Engels Spaans Tsjechisch
Nummer | Engels Rihanna

5th October - 18th October

Nummer | Duits Die Ärzte

19th October - 25th October

Vertalingen:  Engels Italiaans Turks 10 more

26th October - 15th November

Vertalingen:  Spaans Turks Grieks 21 more
Nummer | Duits Alex C.

16th November - 22nd November

Nummer | Engels Timbaland

23rd November - 31st December

Vertalingen:  Roemeens Grieks Spaans 21 more