Outstanding Music Videos

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Outstanding Music Videos

I present you a collection about music videos that are (in my opinion) extraordinary – either because of their style, or the story they tell, or anything else that makes them unique. Enjoy!

The videos are presented in a random order, it doesn't indicate any ranking.
This is a subjective collection. But if you find any videos of which you think that they need to be included here, feel free to tell me. If you convince me, they'll be added.
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No doubt – this music video must be put in the collection. It brutally shows us the truth without any filters. It reminds us of what will happen to our earth if we don't start taking care of it. But on the other hand, the video also gives us hope when all the damage shown in it is being undone.
"It's not too late yet!" – that is the message behind the video.

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Another great video! It was co-produced by Taylor Swift herself and casts many famous mostly female stars who are friends of Taylor, e.g. Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Zendaya, Ellie Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld, and many more… The entire video looks like a Hollywood action movie. Its main message is that women aren't weak; the video is meant to empower them. But many fans believe that there's also a hidden message: A revenge towards Katy Perry who stole two dancers from Taylor's tour.

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Nummer | Engels Coldplay

This video is fantastic! It plays with visual illusions. Small things appear large, large things appear small, and many other impressing pictures that are presented to us. The video is a masterpiece of artwork!

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Nummer | Engels Sia

This dance video was co-produced by Sia. The girl performing in the video is Maddie Ziegler who also appears in mostly other videos by Sia. Her dancing moves are simply amazing and underlines how exceptional the video is.

Though this song is not my favourite one by Michael Jackson, the video is breathtaking. Its concept is a horror movie. The costumes, the plot, the choreography – they all make the video outstanding.

Nummer | Engels Owl City

Here is a nice video: The singer is sitting in the room of his childhood surrounded by a lot of toys. Suddenly they all come to life and dance across the room. I just find this idea great!

This video has a similar concept as Fireflies above. But here, film characters are dancing through a closed theatre. Different figures from different movies are dancing all together. Another great video!

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Nummer | Engels A-ha

This video is considered as one of the world's best music videos of all times. A real life woman falls in love with a comic figure and transforms into a comic figure herself. At that time, it was something extraordinary and completely new. Many people were totally impressed by this video.

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Nummer | Engels Coldplay

Here's another beautiful video. It looks a bit antique making the video unique. In addition to the song's ringing bells, the video is perfect!

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Nummer | Engels Woodkid

I like this video a lot! The mysterious video shows a boy running and running, accompanied by fantastic creatures. They are running towards a town that appears to be an enemy.
But until today, I don't know what the video wants to tell us…

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This video with Ellie Goulding is great! Especially the usage of colours and light and shadow is very impressive.

Nummer | Engels Sigma

Here's a video by my absolutely favourite artist – Birdy. She collaborated with SIGMA on this track. In the video appears Millie Bobby Brown, known from the Netflix series "Stranger Things" which is Birdy's favourite series. In the video, Millie is hushing through a city at night. There are also some animated scenes, all together making the video fascinating!

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This video by Years & Years is amazing, too! Again the play of light and shadow makes the music video stunning.

Nummer | Engels Beyoncé

Another video that has to be added to this collection: Both the song and the music video by Beyoncé are a hymn to the power of women. The choreography is perfect, and supports the video's amazing message!

What can be more beautiful than a firework? The video tells the stories of people we all know: us. Everybody has hard times, but we mustn't give up and we need to keep on to our inner light even in the darkest hours.
When we overcome bad times, we will shine and sparkle like a firework. Never forget it!

Nummer | Engels Pink

Here is another artful music video: The song by P!nk was originally written for the movie Alice Through The Looking Glass. The movie wasn't as successful as expected, but P!nk's song became a chartbreaker. Watching the video, you know why. It tells Alice's story in the movie, played by P!nk herself. And even her daughter, Willow, appears in the music video topping it all with her cuteness.

This is one of my favourite music videos by the former band One Direction. You can see old photographs showing the singers together with their families when they were younger. Then the pictures transform, the people grow older, come to life within the photos, and you can see how they look today. The entire video has been created lovely and beautifully, and proves that there's nothing more important than your family!

This song by Christina Perri was written for The Twilight Saga. I've never watched the movies, but I like the song and also the music video. Christina is sitting amid 1,000 tea candles lighting one after another. The entire video is very dreamy.

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