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A collection of more or less official song videos I find interesting for a reason or another.
Some are even better than the songs themselves, in my opinion.
I tried to link to English translations when applicable.

Nummer | Engels Moby

A true work of art

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Ever wondered what a Moscow suburban train or a pro-Putin rally look like?

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This vid caused a terrible ruckus back in the 80's. The Church even tried to have it banned!

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A true little movie that fits this lovely song pretty well

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Mickey 3D made quite a few very nice videos. I wonder whether the shots come from a movie or are original footage. I find the result beautiful anyway.

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One of the very first CGI music video, for all I know. Plus the song is funny as hell.

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Nummer | Engels A-ha

Regardless of the music, the animation work is quite impressive

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Nummer | Engels Radiohead

As Gavin would put it: "Trumpton meets the Wicker Man". Brillant.

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Beautiful work of Michel Gondry, full of poetry as always.

From what lore I could gather on the Net, the song and the video depict a legend from Bielorussia.
Two girls were in love with the same lad. One day they had tea in an orchard and each one attempted to poison her rival. In the end, both succeeded and were condemned to relive the scene forever as ghosts.

I just love that band. This vid is a moment of pure poetry.

Nummer | Engels Manu Chao

The animation's author is Wozniak, a famous political cartoonist in France. Very creative, in my opinion.
Not too kind for George W Bush's America though, you've been warned Regular smile

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Funny little vid full of Russian folklore references

Beautiful evocation of the famous novel "Master and Margarita"

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