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VIVIZ Discography

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VIVIZ Discography

VIVIZ (Korean : 비비지) is a three-member girl group consisting of 3 members, EUNHA, SINB and UMJI. The team name is a compound word of 'VIVID', which means 'clear, intense', and the s for 'Days', which means days, changed to Z. It is a group with the meaning of becoming an artist who always proudly expresses our own colors in the world. They were debut on February 9, 2022 with mini album, Beam Of Prism.

1. VIVIZ Artiest

Land:  Korea, Zuid

Genre:  Pop

Talen:  Engels, Koreaans

Populaire nummers:  BOP BOP!Love You LikeTweet Tweet

A new start of the complete girl group, VIVIZ, begins with 1st EP, Beam Of Prism!

VIVIZ's first debut album contains a total of 7 songs, including the title song 'BOP BOP!', which has an exciting atmosphere combining Latin rhythm and disco.

In particular, this title song contains the meaning of being born with the appearance of an artist from the very beginning in the music video, and the visual content also showcases sensuous and sophisticated visuals as well as splendid CG technology.

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