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Disney US happens sometimes to prize specific foreign voice-actors or entire casts for the performance they delivered dubbing their character or whole movie. Very little is known about this award and the information to be found comes for the most from interviews by members of the winning casts.
Canzoni della colonna sonora italiana di "Hercules"
A collection of ensembles that united several famous artists to record a song, typically to raise money for a special purpose.
Mexican singers of the Hip-hop/Rap genre
A list of soundtracks based off of video games
The Tlatelolco massacre was the killing of students and civilians by military and police on October 2, 1968, in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the Tlatelolco section of Mexico City. The events are considered part of the Mexican Dirty War, when the government used its forces to suppress political ...
Vários intérpretes
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Vários intérpretes
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This is a form of Arabic poetry where two persons have a dialogue but using poetry lines to express themselves (fancy huh? :) ). There are rules: Both should use the same Beher [fn][/fn], the same rhyme and it should be improvised lines. This form of ...
5Sara Ba
Tutte le canzoni della colonna sonora italiana di "Frozen - Il regno di ghiaccio"
Varios Artistas
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Varios Artistas
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Various Artists
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Coleção que conta com as músicas presentes na trilha sonora da telenovela brasileira 'O Tempo Não Para', exibida pela Rede Globo às 19h a partir de 31 de julho de 2018.
11Alma Barroca
The soundtrack from the world-famous movie Flashdance. All songs from the soundtrack are present, except for track #3 "Love Theme from Flashdance", which is the only instrumental track in it. If you want to listen to it, click here.
Songs, whose titles contain a year or a decade (or even a date), sorted chronologically by the year/decade mentioned in the title. Any suggestions are welcome.
These are songs and their sequels (the sequel not necessarily sung by the same artist). If you know of any others please inform me!
you're in bali and the surf is flat ? nevermind, here are some great songs for you..
Songs with planets in the title | Vol. 1
----------- -----------
This is the soundtrack of the Turkish series "Darısı Başımıza"
This is the soundtrack of the on-going Turkish series "Erkenci Kuş" (Early bird). More songs will be added as the series goes on.
This is the soundtrack of the on-going Turkish series "Meleklerin Aşkı" (Love of Angels). More songs will be added as the series goes on.
Songs about men who don't want to go to war or the army.
This list is dedicated to Celal Kabadayi a lyricstranslate member who now lives in a refugee center in germany, cause he is considered a dissident in Erdogan's present regime of Turkey. He did most of the translations, they were formerly not available anywhere on the internet. He also writes his...
Coritha recorded only one full length studio album.
this was a reggae radio channel that had only Bob Marley songs. here is a video with all the songs including comments of the radio DJ.
all songs from the radio station.
the last 3 songs were removed from the game. I'll add them anyway.
all songs from the radio station
the same station appeared in a later game, but with different songs. if you wanna add these, fine, but please make a separate list.
Songs from the fictional radio station Massive B Soundsystem 96.9.
7 Gast
only the original songs. no ballad of gay tony, no extensions, just the original radio station. radio disk jockey in-game was Ruslana Lyzhychko !
All Songs ever recorded by pinoy retro rock star Sampaguita. Thank you a lot to everyone who helped translate. especially Mario Pogi who did most of the work.
all songs of filipino Rockband Aegis, from their studio albums. Songs that were entered under another main performer were not added. Songs in order of popularity, even tho this ranking on here is not so good cause the band seems to get little attention. so the christmas songs are somewhat mixed in ...
The collection includes some Greek songs released in 2010-2018.
The collection includes some Greek songs released in 2000-2009.
The collection includes some Greek songs released in 1990-1999.
Music from the franchise created and developed by Spike Chunsoft
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Songs from the 2011 anime based on the manga by Sakae Esuno.
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Songs from the 2016 first-person shooter video game developed and published by Tripwire Interactive.
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Songs from the 2010 animated comedy television serie Total Drama World Tour (TDWT). The songs in this collection contains spoilers from the show.
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Songs from the 2008 open world action-adventure video game Saints Row 2 (95.4 KRhyme FM)
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Songs from the 2004 action role-playing video game developed by Troika Games and released by Activision for Microsoft Windows.
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Original Sound Tracks from Art Truck Battle game series
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Honouring a part of me that is distant, but not dead and definitely not forgotten. Image taken from: [Still in progress]
24Higgs Boson
Songs from the action-adventure video game developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 3.
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Here is a collection of songs about birds
Songs about prison and prisoners
some sanskrit songs thrown in as well. same alphabet, diffrent language. I'll try to concentrate on the big names, lata mangeshkar, kishore kumar etc.
--- --- ---
don't know much about thai music yet. just working the country list top to bottom.
arab countries where the original anthem is in another language, were not added.
i only added songs with halfway proper transcript, which is less than every 10th song that claims to have an actual transcript. Probably its simply cause arab speakers have their own websites and don't care much about english, since it's kindof the other side of the coin. Cause really I've ...
Турецкие песни о разлуке и расставании. В коллекцию добавляются только те песни, у которых имеется качественный русский перевод. (Turkish songs about parting and parting. The collection adds only those songs that have a high-quality Russian translation.)
16Ferty Ferty
don't know anything yet about georgian language or music. So all I could do was add songs from top to bottom of the country list.
performers represented: -------------------------------- Melina Merkouri Nana Mouskouri Elena Paparizou Giorgos Dalaras Greek Children Songs Pyx Lax Paradosiaka (Greek Folk)
Performers Represented: ---------------------------- Sektor Gaza Nadezhda Kadysheva Russian Folk Otava Yo Anna German Hymns of Russian Oblasts -------------------- performers that have only 1 or 2 songs serve only as filler (some songs were not accepted)
If you got started with russian but still struggle with the cyrillic, this list should be helpful and give you more immersion.
Decided to start this list to help new hebrew learners. A Transliteration can prove very helpful for Beginners. Probably the best website if you're looking for hebrew songs in roman letters is "". But it has no video links.
Part 2 of "Songs with numbers in the title"
In this collection I will post some of the most famous k-pop songs
19Miss Wings
Dreams and Nightmares
A collection of songs abouts witches, brujas, Hexen...
Here is a collection of songs about the capital city of France
Songs with one name of color in the title (any language) - ONLY: "color + word" / "word + color" / "color" / "color + color"
Songs about events where the Mexican government was involved where there have been mass killings and kidnappings throughout the decades or that talk about the corruption and injustice in the country. I've also included songs that are critical of the country and are clearly taking a jab at it.
Во́роны и воро́ны
Songs with one day of the week on the title (any language)
Songs about kings and queens
- Only one word title
Songs about animals.
Singers who originate from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. † = Death
A collection of songs with 2 or more versions performed by the same artist and completely sung in another language per song. (Cont.) See Songs with 2+ versions (Same artist) [Vol. 1]
Русские кавер-версии известных песен (английских, французских и других)
The opening and ending themes featured in Mexican telenovelas 2010 - 2018.
The opening and ending themes featured in Mexican telenovelas 1978-1992.
All of Marina and the Diamond's non-album leaked and unreleased songs under her current and previous stage names
All of Lana Del Rey's non-album leaked and unreleased songs under her current and previous stage names (May Jailer | Lizzy Grant | Lizzy Grant and The Phenomena | Lana Rey Del Mar | Sparkle Jump Rope Queen | Lana Del Ray).
All of Lana Del Rey's non-album leaked and unreleased songs under her current and previous stage names (May Jailer | Lizzy Grant | Lizzy Grant and The Phenomena | Lana Rey Del Mar | Sparkle Jump Rope Queen | Lana Del Ray).
Here is another collection of songs in fictional languages
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1976 was held in Frankfurt on 31 January 1976 and 1 February 1976. Twelve acts competed with one song each (each of the two shows hence included six songs) and the winner was chosen by postcard voting.
Here is the 4th collection of songs about Angels
All entries from Eurovision Song Contest 1987 held in Brussels, BE and won by Ireland
I vincitrici della sezione Nuove Proposte.
Tutte le canzoni vincenti di Sanremo (Sezione Campioni)/All songs that have won the Sanremo (Main competition) (There is a separate collection for Nuove Proposte winners) Per gli anni della doppia-esecuzione si include i due interpreti./Both singers are listed for the years where each song was...
A collection of the translations in english I made of all the songs of "Montevideo Agoniza", the first album by the uruguayan band Los Traidores, released in 1986 and considered not only one of the most important albums in the history of rock in Uruguay, but also one of the most representatives in ...
17Diazepan Medina
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1964 was held in Frankfurt on 11 January 1964. Six acts competed with one song each and the winner was chosen by a public jury and an expert jury. The sixth performer in the national final was Gerhard Wendland, but sadly, no recording of his ...
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1010 was held in Cologne on 2 March 2010. The two finalists chosen in an eight week talent search each performed their own version of the songs "Bee" and "Satellite" as well as an individual song. The winning entry and performer were chosen ...
old tokusatsu collection
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By order of the Peaky Blinders. [Still in progress.]
23Higgs Boson
Here is a collection of songs about the Desert
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 was held in Hannover on 2 March 2001. There were twelve acts competing and the winning entry was chosen through televoting in two rounds of voting. Three acts advanced to the second round of voting.