Come la fortuna (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Zero Assoluto
  • Nummer: Come la fortuna 3 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Engels, Frans, Spaans
Engels vertalingEngels

as luck

Maybe one day I'll tell you
that was easy
forget everything.
Maybe one day you'll surprise
and then you'll understand
that still are important.
Every time I do not know what to do
like a child who does not know what to say
Every day that recall other days
If I need to dream but I can not sleep
And we read every page written
if I see a sentence that already
That image remains indelible
summary that has been lost between the pages you yesterday.
As luck
as fear
how this night goes
as an 'uncertainty
like a caress
as this desire that will
as luck
as fear
tonight as that goes.
And look into my eyes
And we are already far
And I know that sooner or later it will pass.
Here's a new day to discover
without thinking too
with the lightness of those who want to start again
and moving step by step
with a new breath
while everything always passes passes
but remains on him just as I live.
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hope it's ok and it helps you understand the song better


Come la fortuna

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