Comiat a un amor adolescent (Engels vertaling)

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Farewell To An Adolescent Love

I don't know whether I'm thinking about you
Or the waves of a sad sea are soaking me;
Because I don't know your silence anymore
Nor do I have your child-like eyes, to see
The little stars...
The little stars...
I'm saddened by the thought it wasn't a game,
The fact that we could love each other
And, what I am now writing,
Can be years by eyes
Covered in shadows
Beyond my tears and your tears!
I don't know whether they have defeated us,
Or if that star is ours
And the fight for our love, the future...
And the folds of this silence, a flag.
Now, I'm seeking words of love and farewell,
And everyone can know them:
But it shall be a secret and early in the morning,
We will be able to love each other again
As long as a canticle is torn out of my life...
A canticle...
A canticle...
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Comiat a un amor adolescent

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