Ceza - Suspus (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling


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It does not appear anywhere, it's misty
They are during follow, shut up
Sometimes my brain has stopped
My journey was ended when i'm at plain
It does not appear anywhere, it's misty
They are during follow, shut up
Don't stop, vomit your energy1
Already, everywhere is cold, frosty
Can you say lie a ah
Can you listen the trouble a ah
Can you eat corny a ah
Can you choose the human a ah
[Verse 1]
If you watch carefully you will understand, the megatron is right
Ghillie kevlar-mythril at me, only a layer of chromium at you
Already i'm alone, What happens if i wander naked, decathlon in everyday
Everywhere is barbed wire around me.
I'm alone everyday, ask one time
Everywhere is barbed wire, see one time
The form is clogged, look
I'm at between the crumbs, let's put the name anymore
Become my B-girl, it's hard to find me at every street
Are you from embarrashed people or from straining people
You are from listening crap music
But i'm sorry, there is nothing to be done
I'm not singing fast, you are listening slow
(S)he speaks that as if i sing slow (s)he will understand, Look at him/her
Diaper under him/her, take the test, twice two does Ceza2
One glass doesn't fill with your accumulation, did you learn, oh child?
Rap is active and political
If you can't digest, f*ck off
Hit-list in the wall, most of you are incomplatible
I can scratch everywhere, you are again "hit this"
If you don't know, shut up, press salt in the wounds,
and foot in the ground and
Plot to everyone, heat show from far away, already
[Verse 2]
Mic mic mic microphone and i have been lost
I hope my dream will be beneficial
I am captain, look there's many people which have been crazy
Dismiss from door, put from window
You are firecrackers, i am throwing the ball
Stand up, let's fill with gasoline, boy
And cut the conversation, stand up cowboy
The rap didn't like you, it isn't enough the chat
Intermediate members direct, some black elements released
New black-haired members pasture all of you
New barricade to the road, new barriers, new dams and new voices,
New character and new styles, new fans and new beats
There's no turning back, it will lock us, I don't know what we do
Stop, wait, here i came, look i'm here, don't worry
To deal with me with their retail raps, i teach (them) pantomime
Everyone were tired partly, look, the influx doesn't end from left part
Fire in the evening, burn the fire but be careful and don't be burned
Look, this style is mine, it explodes deeply, overcomes the age and folds the rap
If i go out to the road, i won't turn back
This tension is mine, even it's immaculate
Leave the false, adore the true,
Look it's rhyme second by second to you
This place is not suitable for me already, here's complicated
  • 1. Actually means "Waste your energy"
  • 2. Ceza means "Criminal" but the singer uses that as his nickname
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