Rats (Spaans vertaling)

Spaans vertaling


En tiempos de crisis
En tiempos como estos
Contagiosas creencias
Un mal en expansión
Ésta miserable travesura está fluyendo por sus almas
Para nunca irse
Para nunca irse
En tu santuario
Lo dejaste entrar
Ahora tus amados
Y descendencia
Sufrirán castigos bajo la ira de Dios
Nunca serán perdonados
Nunca serán olvidados
Ésta devastación hizo que tus ciudades fueran quemadas
Para nunca regresar
Para nunca regresar
E inmundos roedores siguen viniendo por sus almas
Para nunca irse
Para nunca irse
Siguen persiguiéndote
Y no hay nada que hacer
Siguen persiguiéndote
Y no hay nada que hacer
Toegevoed door tsoynsmon op Woe, 18/04/2018 - 19:02
Laatst bewerkt door tsoynsmon op Ma, 21/05/2018 - 20:57
Comments van auteur:

We got the phrase "to forgive and forget" so I decide to cut it as in the original Lyrics



roster 31    Do, 19/04/2018 - 13:33

Hi... and thank you for your submission.
I want to point a few things that, I think, you should correct:
1, "por sus almas". The original says "your". (?)
2."'let go" rather means "dejarlo ir/soltarlo".
3. "lo dejaste entrar" --> "Las dejaste entrar". Refering to the rats.
4, "Ésta miserable", Delete the accent. Here "Esta" is an adjective, not pronoun.

"Y nunca regresar". What do you think of "para nunca regresar"?

Best wishes to you

tsoynsmon    Ma, 21/05/2018 - 20:59

Thanks for you opinion!!.
Here you are my reply
1. It says soulS, more than one soul. So that's the why I worte "sus". In Spanish "your" can be "sus (refering to "usted")" "vuestros/as (Castilian use)" and "tus" I'd like to keep it like this. If the song have said "their" DEFINITELY "sus" is not wrong
2. yes, I know, but in Spanish "para nunca soltarlo" or "para nunca dejarlo ir" sounds senseless according to the song's topic
3. It could be the rats OR as i got it, to "el mal en expansión" the spreading disease. The rats are "the punishment beneath the wrath of god"
4."Ésta" rather than "esta" is correct for "this" too
5. Is already corrected. thanks!!

roster 31    Ma, 28/05/2018 - 02:11

¡Hola, tsoynsmon (?)!
Here am I, back to our controversial interpretation of the song. I want to be more explicit:
1. I din't say "sus" was wrong. As you said, the English "your", in Spanish can refer to "tú, usted, ustedes, vosotros". You decided it would be "ustedes" according to the expression "sus almas", (more than one person) and decided to express it in the formal way, so, I would say that the whole song should be addressed to the same people, in the same way, that's why it is somehow shocking to find. further down, the familiar and singular forms "tú/te".
2. I know that "para nunca soltarlo/ dejarlo" doesn't fit in. I gave you the meaning for you to express it your own way. I, personally, would say, simply: " para nunca dejarlas" (sus almas).
3. "Ratas" starts the stanza, followed by "you let THEM in". Although "ratas" may be the representation of "the spreading disease", at this point, using "lo", doesn't make the reference clear. Perhaps a foot note would be good.
4. And, definitely, in "Ésta miserable travesura / Ésta devastación", "esta" doesn't take the accent since it is a demonstrative adjective, accompanying the noun. In Spanish, the pronoun, substituting the noun would be accentuated. An example:
-Esta (miserable) travesura...
-¿A qué travesura te refieres?
-A ésta.
(In English, "This one".)
5. My last suggestion is a mistake.

Take these points in consideration, if you wish.

Best regards

tsoynsmon    Woe, 13/06/2018 - 17:28

That´s the kind of colleagues make translation so enriching!!!! Thaks for your opinions!!

1- I´m not so familiar with Ghost but I got "This wretched mischief is now coursing through your souls" like Cardinal Copia preaching at a crowd of people, like in a mass, so it could be "vuestras" I guess it fits better.

2- It´s a good idea

3- When i listened the song several times again, i remember this mistake haha, I´ll put the translation of THEM haha

4- You´re correct, but in native spoken spanish you hardly note there is no accent mark hehe. Anotther "correction"

5- I didn´t get it hehe