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Walk On

Walk on,
If we should meet.
Walk on,
On down the street.
Walk on,
Don't even look.
Walk on,
Close up the book.

We don't want the world to see us
Like we are.
We should never have even
Gone this far.
Quickly brush away
That teardrop,
Walk away, darling,
Don't stop.
Don't look back for me, baby,
Walk on.

Walk on,
Don't turn around.
Walk on
To higher ground.
Take the love we've shared together,
Keep it in your heart forever,
Don't forget me,
Oh, baby, walk on.

If you ever loved me, baby,
Walk on...

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RadixIce    Do, 21/06/2018 - 21:00

Are you sure you want a translation into Middle Dutch and not Modern Dutch? Middle Dutch was spoken in the middle ages and it's not like anything modern Dutch.