Yuppies (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling


They have a car with a phone
And a watch of gold
Brilliantine in their hair
And they talk about work
At night you can find them
Smiling in the disco
With a bottle in a bucket
And eye-catching women.
They're this Italy's children
This Italy that's a little American
Less and less peasants
More and more sons of bitches.
They live large
From Cortina to the Maldives
They'd eat spaghetti
They eat live oysters to look cool
They have voice mail
And please leave a message
I'll need company
When I return from this trip.
They're this Italy's children
This Italy that's growing
Less and less country
More and more investment funds.
Unrestrained enterprising youths
Take giant steps
Coming out into society
Always ready for every event
I have a downtown apartment
Daddy is gonna pay for it anyway.
And they do not talk about politics
They avoid the subject
They only vote for
Whoever lets them win a contest
They're busy with fashion
And public relations
They beat around the bush
They're the new idlers.
They're this Italy's children
This Italy that promises
To appear good in the daytime
And sells herself at night.
They're this Italy's children
This Italy's such a winner
That Europe's on her mind
And the Middle East is in her ass.
Unrestrained enterprising youths
Take giant steps
Coming out into society
Always ready for every event
I have a downtown apartment
I'll have lunch at mom's.
They have a car with a phone
Monograms on their pockets
When they're in a good mood
Watches on their wrists
As opportunistic as cats
Always on the hunt for surprises
They're yuppies or yappis1
For those who speak little English .
They're this Italy's children
This Italy's fast paced
Take the money out of the mattress
And risk it in the stock market.
They're this Italy's children
This anti-fascist Italy
If you're looking for a home, no problem
You just need to know a socialist.
They're this Italy's children
This Italy's a little bit peasant
We're all mom‘s kids
And the children of Neapolitan songs.
  • 1. An intentional typo to make fun of the "peasants" described in this song. yappy= a small dog inclined to bark in a sharp, shrill way or yappie= a young, aspiring, upwardly mobile professional couple usually with no children
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Cristina223    Di, 16/10/2018 - 15:05

I LOVED your translation that fully pays tribute to this awesome song...
Let me just point out some small imperfections:
Fanno più scena le ostriche vive =(if you eat) live oysters you make a better impression / you are cooler
Tanto poi paga papá = daddy is gonna pay for it anyway
Che nella testa c‘ha l‘Europa = ...that has Europe in its mind but the Middle East in its a*** (they are fooling it)
Italia che va di corsa = Italy has a quick pace
Per chi mastica l‘inglese = for those who speak little English (bad)
Li sputtana in borsa = wastes money on stock exchange (sputtanare i soldi = waste money)
Simm‘ tutt‘ figl‘e mamma = we are all mom‘s kids (we stick to our moms) - this is Neapolitan dialect
Paesana = peasant / redneck (in American English)

Thank you so much, great job anyway

ϕιλομαθής    Di, 16/10/2018 - 15:08

Thank you, Cristina. I always appreciate help from native speakers.

Cristina223    Di, 16/10/2018 - 15:27

You are most welcome. A lot of expressions in this song are typically Italian indeed and not easy to understand for non-natives.... Still your translation was really really good, congrats

annabellanna    Di, 16/10/2018 - 16:24

Dear Jami, I remark(as I did before, and Cristina too) that something like "peasant" maybe should fit better. They keep being peasants, even if they eat oysters. And, at stanza 9, you forgot the line "A pranzo vado da mammà".
Anyway, great job, as usual! Have a nice day, a kiss!

annabellanna    Di, 16/10/2018 - 16:39

Ok, I can't vote...Because english is not listed as "fluent"in my profile. I hope someone else could do it. Brava Jami! *heart*  *heart*  *heart*  *heart*  Heart

ϕιλομαθής    Di, 16/10/2018 - 16:45

Please never worry about votes Regular smile  I stopped caring about those a long time ago. I just want to do a good job and keep learning.
I'm so happy that you are back Heart

Cristina223    Di, 16/10/2018 - 16:55

Jami, sorry I forgot to mention something:
„yappies“ is just the mis-spelling of „yuppies“ by those that claim to speak English but do not.
Exactly, like Anna said, the song is a parody of those people that became rich overnight but are still „peasant“ inside

DarkJoshua    Di, 16/10/2018 - 17:00

This is lovely, stellar. I especially appreciate the frequent use of idioms to make the translation sound more natural. I don't really have any remarks nor corrections, however I'd like to give you some tips:

● In "hanno la macchina col telefono", that "con" shouldn't be translated as "with". I mean, you can do that, but for stylistic reasons, I'd rather say "they have a car, a phone/ And a watch of gold". The line is repeated twice.

● This is the only true mistranslation I see. "Segreteria" is "secretary", but can also mean "voice mail". I think the latter is the best choice here.

● I wouldn't translate "marchette" as "prostitute". It's an overtranslation. "Marchetta" can be anything from a basic product placement to a prostitute. "Sells herself" should work, unless by "prostitute" you're using a provocative language which could work in this case.

You show a deep understanding of the Italian language. You just need a little practice: judging from your proofreading request I can see you're not really sure of your skills, but from what I can see here, I can assure you you're doing a good job.

ϕιλομαθής    Di, 16/10/2018 - 17:17

Thank you so much. Especially for the comments. I had no idea that "segreteria" could mean voice mail in Italian.

I did leave car "with" a phone because old ones like me remember when this was a status symbol.

Thanks again for helping me to understand your language better. To me that is the ultimate prize.

I always request proofreading when I'm translating from languages that I'm not fluent in. I'm here to learn and always appreciate corrections.

annabellanna    Di, 16/10/2018 - 17:09

Darkjoshua, I agree on everything except for the phone. Maybe you are young, but this song is a picture of 80's , when there weren't mobiles, and only few very busy and rich people owned a car with a telephone installed in it.

Cristina223    Di, 16/10/2018 - 17:11

You couldn‘t have said it better, i fully agree with your comments Darkjoshua, I just didn‘t want to change too many expressions because Jami‘s translation was more than good enough...
It‘s kind of sweet to say „a car with a phone“ but that‘s exactly what it was at that time :-))

DarkJoshua    Di, 16/10/2018 - 18:08

@annabellanna @Cristina223 @ϕιλομαθής Mine weren't corrections, anyway. Must admit, wasn't even born in the 80's: in '88 my mum had just started the medie, so I can't really understand the context of the song... but still, Jami did a very respectable job.

Cristina223    Di, 16/10/2018 - 19:21

How cute „not even born in the eighties“.... ok we‘ll excuse you in this case :-)
Well, those „phones in the car“ were almost the size of a „cabina telefonica“ (in case you know what it is :-))))

DarkJoshua    Di, 16/10/2018 - 20:14

La cabina telefonica so cos'è ahah. Ne avevamo una nel mio paese per anni anche se nessuno la usava e non funzionava.

Cristina223    Di, 16/10/2018 - 23:08

Ahahaha certo, hanno fatto tutte questa fine :-)))

Saluton    Di, 16/10/2018 - 19:48

A woman's voice says something after the words "lasciate un messaggio". Could you translate it, please?

Cristina223    Di, 16/10/2018 - 22:58

Honestly I didn‘t catch what she is saying, sorry, I wish I could help....

annabellanna    Di, 23/10/2018 - 06:53

Adjective "gold" means "of gold". "Golden" means "having the appearance of gold".

Cristina223    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:12

Sorry Anna, I'm not native but I know for sure that it is right to say "a golden ring" and not "a gold ring".... that's what Jami also said...

annabellanna    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:22

Jami said "a watch of gold", not "a gold ring". In this way you surely are speaking of gold.
"A golden watch/ring" could be also made of brass, or of another gold-plated metal.

annabellanna    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:14

Indeed, the cross was made of gold, I presume...
Anyway, also in Italian the question is similar and not so clear:
"d'oro", clearly means "made of gold"
"dorato" means "with the same colour and the same brightness of gold". But is not specified whether the material is real gold or another one.

ϕιλομαθής    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:21

I agree, For some reason, the system isn't letting me like comments.

Cristina223    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:31

I can't like either Jami!
And what's worse, I cannot accede from my cell phone anymore since the login section has been removed… not sure if it depends on my settings or it is a general problem...

ϕιλομαθής    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:35

Maybe we have a problem with the system. I was having trouble with my phone on LT too.

Cristina223    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:32

That's very right Anna, but to my understanding "golden" translates both (d'oro and dorato)

annabellanna    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:42

I agree. As I wrote before, "d'oro", clearly means "made of gold."
"Dorato" means "with the same colour and the same brightness of gold". But is not specified whether the material is real gold or another one.

ϕιλομαθής    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:45

Just for the record, here in the US, we say gold ring, gold chain...etc when something is real gold. After all, not all that glitters is gold!

annabellanna    Di, 23/10/2018 - 13:45

...and she's buying the stairway to heaven!!!