Kfitsa Kadima (Tsa'ad Lifney Kav Halekhem) [(קפיצה קדימה (צעד לפני קו הלחם] [One Jump Ahead] (Engels vertaling)


Kfitsa Kadima (Tsa'ad Lifney Kav Halekhem) [(קפיצה קדימה (צעד לפני קו הלחם] [One Jump Ahead]

צעד לפני קו הלחם,
רגע לפני הפגיון,
גונב רק כשצריך מזון.
וזה מסביר הכל!
צעד לפני נציגי החוק,
וזה לגמרי לא צחוק,
לא תתפסו כי אני רחוק.
-פרחח! -נבל! -נתעב! -גנב!
-רק חטיף של בוקר...
-הוא עוד ישלם ביוקר!
-איזו אלימות, זוהי המציאות,
לי חבר אחד, אבו.
אלאדין כבר הדרדר לפשע,
במצבו אין מי להאשים!
-גם הוריו נפלו קורבן לרשע...
גונב כדי לאכול, אוכל כדי לחיות,
אספר על זה כשיהיה לי זמן!
צעד לפני מבקשי נפשי,
רגע לפני אבדון,
למה כולם כאן אנשי מדון? -הוא שם!
צעד לפני שכירי חרב,
רגע לפני האסון,
אחמוק לי בשקט בין ההמון...
-גנב! -נבל! -שפל! -אבו! -מנוול!
למה רק בחרב?
-נבלה נחמד הערב!
גונב כדי לאכול, אוכל כדי לחיות,
כל אחד עוסק בשלו!
צעד לפני שיגיעו,
רגע לפני המרדף,
כשמהדקים את הרשת,
שוב נשחק בתופסת,
בואו, לי ידכם הושיטו,
אני נוחת, הביטו,
רק עוד רגע, ואני עף!
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Engels vertaling

One Jump Ahead (One Step Ahead of the Bread Line)

One step ahead of the bread line,
One moment ahead of the dagger,
I steal only when I need food.
And that explains everything!
One step ahead of the lawmen,
And that is a total no joke,
You'll never catch me 'cause I'm far away.
-Punk! -Scoundrel! -Despicable! -Thief!
-Just a morning snack...
-He will pay for this!
-Such violence, this is reality,
I have only one friend, Abu.
Aladdin's already fell into a life of crime,
In his situation there's no one to blame!
-His parents fell victim to evil as well...
I steal to eat, I eat to live,
Tell you all about it when I got the time!
One step ahead of those who wish to kill me,
One moment ahead of my doom,
Why is everyone so quarrelsome around here? -He's over there!
One step ahead of the mercenaries,
One moment ahead of disaster,
I'll slip quietly between the crowd...
-Thief! -Scoundrel! -Worthless! -Abu! -Bastard!
Why only with swords?
-We will have some fun this evening!
I steal to eat, I eat to live,
Everybody mind their own business!
One step ahead of their arrival,
One moment ahead of the chase,
When you tighten the net,
We'll play Tag once again,
Come, lend me your hand,
I'm landing, look,
Just one more moment, and I fly!
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Thomas222    Ma, 12/11/2018 - 19:02

lol yes, but it's a very old-fashioned word. No one uses it anymore, especially not teenagers. It's not like "son of a bitch" which is still being used today and is a lot more vulgar. Kids probably didn't even notice that Wink smile

Sailor PokeMoon2    Ma, 12/11/2018 - 19:07

Well it's not old fashioned in MY language! But you are probably right. Kids may have not noticed that. I just could not believe I would see that word in a well known Disney movie!

Ww Ww    Ma, 12/11/2018 - 19:19

A bastard is not like a jerk as used today, being considered vulgar. It is still used as a proper term. It referred to illegitimate male children born out of wedlock. That was once considered a terrible scandal. This was a big problem with heirs to the royal families.If you look at family crests you will find some specifically given to bastard branches of a family. They are titled so.
It is still used to date to look down upon someone (a male) that is of questionable origin, or dubious nature, who may be involved in something 'rather shady'.

Sailor PokeMoon2    Ma, 12/11/2018 - 20:05

I actually already knew that meaning for a bastard. But sometimes regardless of whether a bastard is a jerk or a child born out of wedlock, the word would STILL be censored in some way. Annoying I know.