‘Utufōmesi Siliva (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Dr Huluholo Mo‘ungaloa
  • Nummer: ‘Utufōmesi Siliva

‘Utufōmesi Siliva

1. Ne mana fatulisi ‘a Tonga kotoá
Polotikaasi mei he minaleti koulá
Ko e ‘evolūsio e ‘ātomi kuongá
Ko e tunameni e siavelini he omá
2. Piutau e ngaahi kakala ‘iloá
Holo mo e ‘efinanga kie hingoá
Ka e falanaki ‘a e taungapeká
He vuna e ‘utufōmesi silivá
3. Ne u televīsone he satelaité
Ki Fa’onelua mo e tongitupé
‘A si’o kofu kapikapi mata’itofé
Mo ho tekiteki sī lave’itavaké
4. ‘Isa ne u vīsone he’eku mohé
Sio he ngoue fataki ki Papiloné
Matala’i’akau ‘oku taha pē
Ne paki’i ‘e he Fala-‘O-Setané
Tau: Funga Mahofā te u mate valelaú
Ho’o uini ka e poini ‘a Pouvalú
‘Oku lekooti ki he pā’angangalú
Uisa kuo ake ‘eku manatú
Ko e huli pē ‘o e vao tamanú
Si’omau liku ko Valefanaú
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Engels vertalingEngels
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Silver Suds

Thunder echoes across the whole of Tonga
Broadcast from minerals of gold
The evolution of the atomic age
The javelin tournament and its quickness.
Round up the known fragrances
The names of the holo 1 and the 'efinanga kie2
And the fruit bats make roost
Upon the cliffs of silver suds.
I satellite broadcasted
To Fa'onelua3 and to Tongi Tupe4
Your dress of studded pearls
And your headdress adorned of the Tavake.5
Oh, I had a vision in my sleep
Where I saw a field leading to Babylon
And a single flower
That was plucked by the Fala6 of Satan.
The field of the fallen where I shall rest in madness
You take a win, but Pouvalu7 scores a point
As its recorded on the [Tongan] currency
Oh, my memory surges
The dew of the Tamanu8
As we strolled along the beach of Valefanau.
  • 1. a towel
  • 2. a traditional wrapping mat
  • 3. possibly the name of a convention center in Tonga's capital.
  • 4. a title given to Tongan Olympic athlete, Valerie Adams.
  • 5. a native bird with white feathers.
  • 6. general word for a traditional woven mat
  • 7. possibly referring to professional Tongan rugby player, Pouvalu Latukefu.
  • 8. a type of native shrub.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Comments van auteur:

The song employs several words that are "Englishified", most of which I am not familiar with. So I've placed question marks in brackets for them. Also I've detected several "heliaki"s or hidden meanings behind some of the words that don't make sense in the general context.

Lauaki MasimaLauaki Masima    Zat, 01/08/2020 - 22:20

Thankyou so much toko. Just a thought, could the following words mean this ?

Polotikaasi - Broadcast
Tunameni - Tournament
Siavelini - Javelin

Thankyou again, I really appreciate it

SilentRebel83SilentRebel83    Zon, 02/08/2020 - 18:20

Yes, those look right! Thank you. I'll go ahead and make the changes. Toko are you American or Kiwi?

Lauaki MasimaLauaki Masima    Ma, 03/08/2020 - 02:40

Mostly full Tongan, born and raised in Sydney, Aus ☺️ wbu toko ? i’ve always admired how much knowledge you have with translating. You’re talent does not go unnoticed. Over the years i’ve always liked to just come over now and then and see if you've translated more of our Tongan langi tau’olunga or maa’imoa’s. Thankyou so much tho, it’s helped me A LOT especially when choreographing a dance.

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