Como una loba (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Natalia Oreiro
  • Nummer: Como una loba 2 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Engels, Kroatisch
Engels vertalingEngels

Like a she wolf

Like a she wolf, walking badly injured, trying to settle in the region
Betrayed by the smell, drifting, that's how I feel,
I miss your love,
This is how i feel, without your touch,
This is how I feel, heated/turned on all day long,
Walking down the streets I once walked with you
Searching in other men, searching for your smile,
Like a she wolf howling in the burning nights
To let you know that I'm still alone in my lair
And if tomorrow we'll meet again in this life
Let's pretend that we've recently met
Steal a kiss from me and take me with you, take me quickly
To the places you know I'll fall into your arms, seduced
Don't even ask me, just take what's yours without any fear
Because I'll die hungry for loving your body
Like a she wolf, that's how I feel
That's how I feel, an aggresive she wolf
Smelling dry wood, covered in dew
Biting myself thinking of your touch
Because the full moon on my skin is screaming for your name
Like a she wolf
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Como una loba

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