Crni Leptir (Engels vertaling)

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Black Moth

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The streetlamp casts light in a circle
while black moths fly straight into it,
but they don’t know that the end is there,
that it kills them with the radiance of its light.
Once I went flying; I, too, was a moth.
The light enticed me; it fried my wings.
Black moth, flee into the night!
Wait for morning — the light will come.
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Comments van auteur:

The word in the title, ‘leptir’, usually means a butterfly, but (unlike the English word ‘butterfly’) it can also be applied to moths. English ‘moth’ encompasses both ‘moljac’ and ‘noćni leptir’. Based on the nocturnal behavior of the insects in the song, the intended image is probably a kind of moth and not a butterfly (according to the scope of those terms in English).

Crni Leptir

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