To cut corners

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  • Idiom: To cut corners
  • Taal: Engels
  • Idiomatic translations / equivalents: Engels
  • Explained meaning: Engels
  • Lyrics containing the idiom: 3 lyrics

Idiomatic translations of "To cut corners"

take shortcuts / take a shortcut

Meanings of "To cut corners"


to do something badly or cheaply.
“They really cut corners when they built this bathroom; the shower is leaking.”

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Explained by austoniawaustoniaw
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"To cut corners" in lyrics

Mokoma - You're enough

It's not the time for bliss,
salvation, miracles,
it's time to cut corners.

Useless ID - Don't wanna grow up

No need to hold funds
To buy life doesn't mean to live.
To learn to to compromise and to cut corners.
Lots of reality but no dreams.

Bushido - Lichterfelde Motivation

[Verse 2: Brutos Brutaloz]
When I came to Germany, at first, I was destitute
I wasn't hungry but I had to cut corners
But I had a dream and knew I'd make it