Daniel Na Cova dos Leões (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertalingEngels (poëtisch)

Daniel in the Lion's Den

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That bitter taste from your body
Stayed in my mouth for a while longer
From bitter then, salty turned to sweet
As soon as your strong and lagging scent
Made home in my arms and still gentle
Strong, blind and tight, made it known
That it was yet a lot and too little
I make ours my earnest secret
And I challenge the dissonant instinct
Insecurity doesn’t assault me when I make mistakes
And your moment starts to become my instant
And your fear of having fear of having fear
Doesn’t turn my strength into turmoil
Your body is my mirror and in you I sail
And I know that your flow has no direction
But as sure as the mistake of being a motorboat
And insist in using the oars
Is the damage done by the water when one drowns
And the lifeguard isn’t there because we didn’t see them
This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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Daniel Na Cova dos Leões

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