Darker Half - Helpless



I see the faces,
Staring up imploring to me,
I feel their anger,
As they pull me back down to my knees,
I want to save you,
But you won't even let me try,
I feel your apathy,
But why the fuck won't you let me try.
No one to hold you,
Nobody there to stop the fight,
You're wasting away before my eyes,
And there's nothing I can do.
I feel the frustration,
I get close and you move further away,
I talk and you hear me,
But you don't hear a word that I say,
I want to keep going,
But I'm so close to giving up,
Transformed by your weakness,
Into something that I'm not.
Standing at the edge,
Right there on the brink,
So close to falling down,
Down into the drink,
Open up my eyes,
Smoke clouds what I'll see,
Is there something down there?
Is that something me?
See my fear,
Drawing near.
Trying every day,
Trying to break loose,
Things just stay the same,
Closer to the noose,
Always crawling back,
Habits hard to break,
So lost can't find my track.,
Bright eyes fade away,
See my fear,
Drawing near.
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