Del kodoome دل کدومه (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Googoosh (فائقه آتشین) گوگوش))
  • Nummer: Del kodoome دل کدومه
  • Vertalingen: Engels

Del kodoome دل کدومه

تو که گفتی شکسته دل من
مگه جام بلوره دل تو
به امیدی نشسته دل من
مگه سنگ صبوره دل تو
دل در این دوره زمونه بخدا شده بهونه
هرچی شد در این میونه میگی تقصیر دله
کار دل چه مشکله !
یه روزی غرق به خونه یا میگن دشت جنونه
دل چیه خودش بدونه میگی تقصیر دله
کار دل چه مشکله !
دل کدومه مشکل کدومه
چیش من افسانه کم گو
از دل دیوانه کم گو
کی صدای دل شنیده
بخدا کسی ندیده
که تو اسمون دلی پر بزنه
شب و روز خونه یار سر بزنه
کی دیده پنجه غم سر برسه
بر در خونه دل در بزنه
دروغه لیلی و مجنون قصه شاه پریون
دیگه از وامق و عذرا چی بگم ؟
نکنین باور قصه غم
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What is heart?

You said that your heart is broken
Is your heart a glass of crystal?
Your heart is waiting in hope
Is your heart a tower of strength ?
Nowadays, heart has become an excuse, I swear to God
Whatever that happens they say it's the heart's fault
How hard is the heart's job?
Oneday it is immersed in blood
or they say that it is field full of madness
What is the heart?
What is the problem?
Don't tell me these myths
Talk less about the crazy heart
Who has heard the heart's voice
No one!
No one has ever seen that a heart flies in the sky
that it goes to check on the beloved day and night
Who has seen that the hand full of sadness
knocks on the door of the heart
The fairy tales, Leili and Majnoon and king of fairies
are all lies
What should I tell about Metiochus and Parthenope؟
Don't believe these stories that are full of sorrow
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