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because i wanted (i did what i liked)

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if i acted crazy, that's because i wanted to
if i alienated myself, i wanted to
if i blindly confided
in my dear enemy, i wanted to
if i flew so high to the sun that i almost burnt myself out
i only did so because i was flying after the wings of love
if i crossed the sea, without ever taking a sip
it's because i was in the search for the sweet taste of spring of love
it is only me, my gullible self
and no one else is to be blamed or praised for my doings
no one ever understood me
no one ever asked why i cried
i forgave everybody their sins and mistakes
no one ever forgive me mine
no one ever knocked on my door
it was only me and the long night walks full of bitter doubt
in the days that felt like an endless dark sea
never echoed the sweet voice of a lover
in the long and cruel loneliness
no one ever came to comfort me
it was only my lonely self
who paced the room every night
although it is you who had ruined my happiness
and who accuse me of things that i can never get a chance to prove i'm not guilty of
i have no debts to the ones that i should be free of debt from
and i am only debted to myself
i don't regret what i was
i don't regret my story
this is me, and i will again be this way
if i ever am born again, if i am ever born again
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delam khaast