El 7ilm El Gameel | الحلم الجميل (Engels vertaling)


El 7ilm El Gameel | الحلم الجميل

الحلم الجميل
والبيت الصغير
كله راح
كله ضاع
كله اتكسر
كله اتغير
وفضيت علينا الدار
والوحدة زي النار
راحوا اللي كانوا بيمسحوا
بايديهم دموعنا
راحوا اللي كنا بنرمي
في أحضانهم وجعنا
حلم السنين داب
وفقلبي ميت آه
من يومها طعم الحياة
زي المرار
كانوا زمان جمبنا
حاسين بنار جرحنا
بيصبّروا قلبنا
على الحياة
لو تهنا أوضعنا
عيون بترجعنا
وقلوب بتسمعنا
لو قلنا آه ... آه
ولا ألف صرخة ألم
ولا ألف دمعة ندم
وقت الفراق اتحسم
وبايدينا ايه ... ايه؟
ده نصيبنا وقدرنا
أحزانا تكسرنا
يارب صبرنا
عاللي احنا فيه
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Engels vertaling

The Beautiful Dream

Versions: #1#2
The beautiful dream..
And the little home..
All of it is gone
All is lost
Everything is shattered
Everything has changed
And our home went empty on us
And loneliness burns like a fire
The one who used to wipe
our tears with her hands is gone
We used to throw our pains away
in her embrace, but now she's gone
The dream of the years melted away
And my heart is full with a hundred wounds
Ever since that day, the flavor of life
tastes of bitterness..
She used to stand by our side back then
She used to feel the flames of our pain
She used to soothe our hearts to make us withstand
this life
If we were stranded or lost
her eyes guided us back
And her heart heard us
If we winced in pain
Not even a thousand screams of pain would help
Not even a thousand tears of regret would help
This farewell is set in stone
And what can we do... What can we do?
This is our fate and destiny
We are destined to be broken by our sadness
Oh God, help us withstand
what we are going through..
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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Note: every "our/we" in this song can also be interpreted as "my/I"

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