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Somebody Else's Man

Silk rope has been tangled around my hair's neck
I supposed one of your shirt's sleeves as gallows
One side of the rusty scissors was you other side was me
I cut my hair which you used to cover your face with
My face has prepared at the mirror
has gathered one by one all raveled out
I am the woman of loneliness
Don't take me Somebody else's man
I come if my heart wills
I make out with an endless love
Look from the cliff of a mountain
My valley is perfectly straight
I travel around if my soul wills
In the bottomless cliffs
Love is living at the straightness
Straightness is only in the love
It is not the same of every spring's flowers and sprig
Which water can wash your hands loose woman
The patience has spilt you and plucked you out, you have finished.
I cut my hair which you used to cover your face with
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The "Someone else's man" song, which belongs to Yıldız Tilbe, was covered by Ceylan Ertem in 2014. I leave the link for the original lyrics and translation below.


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