El meu carrer (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Joan Manuel Serrat (Joan Manuel Serrat i Teresa)
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My street

My street
is dark and tortuous,
it knows the harbour
and a poet’s name (1).
Narrow and dirty,
it smells of people
and has the balconies full of
hanged clothes.
My street
Doesn’t cost two “real” :
there are a hundred doors
broken in pieces
and a fountain where
are coming to drink
children and cats,
doves and dogs.
It is a place where the sun never enters,
an ordinary street.
My street
has five street lamps
so the young
can throw them stones.
There is a guest house
and three bread ovens
and a pub at every corner.
My street
it is people coming from everywhere
who heals and drinks,
who sweats and eats,
and wakes up when the sun rises,
and goes to a football match every Sundays,
or to fish sea breams with trawl line,
or plays dominoes drinking wine.
My street
is a child
who in the afternoon eats a snack
of bread with oil and sugar,
and who plays dice
and plays 'cavall fort',
half nice, half uncouth
altar boy and rascal.
My street
of the blue collar area
lives depending on the drawer
with the tops,
and with stickers,
and the 'Nestle' Album
and the pieces
of an old wood burner.
Little by little it is going to deteriorate ..
My street.
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Comments van auteur:

1) J.M. Serat is born Carrer (Street) Poeta Cabanyes, in the area called “Poble Sec” (Barcelona), a working class area located on the slopes of the Montjuic hill, from the middle of “El Paral.lel”, rather near to the harbour.

2) “Cavall fort” is a collective game asking endurance and dexterity played with 2 teams of 5.
A first team does “the horse”. The stronger one is “the King” and he maintains the other ones doing the “horse back”. The game consists in jumping on the horse, as far as possible. The thinner starts to allow to the 4 other children to arrive on the “horse.” They have to maintain themselves on the horse who is “moving”.
If a member of the team felt, this team becomes “the horse”.
I don’t know any equivalent to this game.

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El meu carrer

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alain.chevalieralain.chevalier    Zat, 22/06/2019 - 18:56

merci de supprimer l'interligne qui est en trop au 4e paragraphe pour la correspondance de toutes les lignes

La IsabelLa Isabel    Do, 04/07/2019 - 20:03

Ja és fet ! :-))
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