El pasaporte (Engels vertaling)


El pasaporte

Lo que te voy a decir
lo he visto en tu pasaporte
No me fiaba de ti
y te quité el pasaporte
Ya no me puedes mentir
he visto tu pasaporte
Dirás que huyo de ti
y no querrás comprenderme
Ahora sé
que ya no puedo quererte
Ahora sé
que nunca volveré a verte
porque mientes, porque mientes
Eres muy joven para amar
sé que muy pronto olvidarás
he comprendido la verdad…
mal acierto, ni tu nombre , ni tu edad…
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Submitter's comments:

In my opinion, and underrated group, maybe the Spanish Beatles...

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The passport

What I am about to tell you,
I have seen in your passport
I did not trust you
so I took your passport
You can no longer lie to me
I have seen your passport
You may say I'm running away from you
and you will not try to understand me
Now I know
that I cannot love you any more
Now I know
that I will never see you again
because you lie, you lie
You're too young to love
I know that very soon you'll forget
I've understood the truth...
bad guess, neither your name, nor your age...
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Toegevoed door sen.tinel.9480sen.tinel.9480 op Vrij, 14/08/2015 - 20:21
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